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Riimu's Cookie Clicker Optimizer


Riimu's Cookie Clicker Optimizer is web application for optimizing your Cookie Clicker experience. The optimizer attemps to provide you with useful information how to gain more cookies in a more efficient manner in addition to providing you with other tools that may improve your game experience.

How to use

The basic idea of the optimizer is to determine a comparable value for every building and upgrade and offer suggestions about what to purchase next. Easiest way to use the optimizer is to simply open the "Build Order" tab and purchase the upgrades suggested by the optimizer. Alternatively you can follow the "Value" columns and purchase those with highest values.

One important column to pay attention in the build order is "Safely At" column. This column tells you how many cookies are required in the bank to buy the item without affecting your current maximum lucky bank. In other words, you should not buy the building until you have at least that many cookies in order to avoid lowering the maximium amount of cookies you can get from getting "Lucky!" golden cookie while the "Frenzy" golden cookie is in effect.

After gaining enough cookies, you might want to reset your game. If you have enough cookies made, you will get Heavenly chips, which will increase your CPS by 2% each. For your first reset, you should probably wait until at least 20 quadrillion cookies made or so to gain 200 heavenly chips. The only way to reach high CPS numbers within reasonable time is to keep reseting to gain more and more heavenly chips.

Heavenly Chip calculator

You can use the calculator below the determine how much cookies are needed for certain amount of heavenly chips or how many cookies you would gain from certain amount of total cookies made. Note that you can also import your save to the save viewer to see how many heavenly chips you would gain from resetting.

Trillion cookies= 0 chips
Heavenly chips= 0 trillion cookies

What is Value?

The most important information provided by the optimizer is in the value column. It's the most important thing in determining what to buy next, even though the percentage is not entirely information on what it means.

In short, the value is the number of seconds required to buy the building or upgrade and pay it back relative to the building with the lowest calculated value. The basis for the calculations is laid out in a reddit post here. The value is presented as percentage instead of seconds, since it's a value that's mostly useful for comparison.

The basic idea is, that if you are comparing two buildings, it's best to buy them in the order that buys both of them in least amount of time. With a little bit of math, we get a value that can be compared against every other building to determine their relative effectiveness to each other. In other words, by buying the building or upgrade with best value, you will always reach the highest CPS in the smallest amount of time.


Why are some upgrades missing?

The optimizer does not necessarily implement all the upgrades, as they don't have any relevant or easily measurable effect on the calculations done by the optimizer.

How come some upgrades are gray?

Grayed out upgrades mean that you must first buy other buildings or upgrades to unlock that upgrade. Hovering over the lock icon will display the requirements of the upgrade. Note that the optimizer includes the price and CPS Increase of the required buildings and upgrades into the price and CPS Increase of the upgrade.

Why is it telling me to buy an upgrade, even though I don't have enough buildings?

The optimizer treats upgrades and the buildings (or upgrades) required to unlock that upgrade as a single purchase. In other words, when the optimizer suggests you to buy an upgrade that is still locked, it's telling you to buy the upgrade and any building (or upgrade) required to unlock it. Note that all the columns in the build order also account for the fact that buying the upgrade requires buying something else first.

Why do I get "Bad CSRF token" when try to import into the optimizer?

Importing from external websites directly into the optimizer is not permitted for security reasons. There is, however, method to import your save from external websites. See the website api for more information.


Full changelog is available at Changelog


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